Knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis) – Our therapy

Our knee specialists at the Schoen Clinic München Harlaching offer you the entire spectrum of therapy for knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis) – from prevention, through conservative and operative therapy measures, to outpatient rehabilitation. The choice of the right treatment method is based primarily on your suffering and the severity of knee osteoarthritis. 

If your cartilage damage is already advanced and conservative measures, such as special physiotherapy or the administering of medication, are no longer successful, surgery is another option for your therapy. The surgery should be performed by an experienced knee surgeon. Our specialists have extensive expertise in all relevant surgical techniques. Many of them have been honoured several times by the german magazin "Focus Health" as Top Knee Medics in Germany.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Knee osteoarthritis (gonarthrosis)

Read important information on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of knee arthrosis (gonarthrosis). Our orthopaedists will be happy to help you.