Hip dysplasia – our treatment for adults

When it comes to treating your hip dysplasia, you’ll be optimally looked after by our specialists at Schoen Clinic München Harlaching. While this clinical picture in children is usually treated conservatively – i.e. without surgery – surgery is often necessary for adults with hip dysplasia. This can prevent further damage, such as early osteoarthritis in the hip. Although physiotherapeutic exercises and gentle sports can help to counteract wear and tear on the joints, your symptoms and limitations caused by hip dysplasia can usually only be eliminated over the long term using surgical therapy.

Surgical treatment methods in adults

Rehabilitation/Aftercare in adults

Outpatient rehabilitation in Munich

The Treatment and Training Centre at Schön Klinik München Harlaching is one of the leading rehabilitation facilities in Munich. At our centre we offer physiotherapy, occupational therapy and medical training therapy (equipment training) in addition to outpatient rehabilitation. Our experienced therapists and sports scientists will be glad to assist you and offer you comprehensive advice and care after your hip operation. 

General information about Hip dysplasia

The origin, diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia - learn how our experienced specialists can help you or your baby.