For private patients and self-payers

Our elective and comfort services

As part of our additional and comfort services, we offer many optional extras:

If you would like to be treated by one of our senior consultants, choose your preferred doctor.

If you would like to stay in one of our quiet Schön Komfort Rooms, choose the optional extra ‘Schön Komfort’.

Of course, you can also combine both services.

Service Overview

Treatment by preferred doctor

You would like to be personally treated by our head resident consultants during your stay. We will gladly offer you the option to choose your preferred doctor. These medical services are charged by the hospital according to the applicable GOÄ (scale of charges for doctors).

The “Schön Komfort” elective service

You would like to spend your stay in a quiet and stylishly furnished comfort room. You can choose from three types of room.

  • Accommodation in a 1 bed room (category 1)*
  • Accommodation in a 1 bed room (category 2)*
  • Accommodation in a 2 bed room*

All rooms have been designed in accordance with a specially developed furnishing concept. They are modern and tasteful. 

The settlement of the account either takes place via your private and supplementary insurance or - if such insurance does not exist - directly with you.

* Please note that we are a clinic with an emergency room and the capacities for this service are limited.

Exclusive access to the Comfort Lounge

We offer you exclusive use of our Schön Komfort Lounge so you can relax and recover. This attractive recreational area is exclusive to our Schön Komfort patients. You can relax, talk to relatives or fellow patients or simply enjoy a quiet cup of tea or coffee here.

In addition to the stylish ambience, you will find a beverage station with hot and cold beverages and little snacks, cake and fresh fruit in the Schön Komfort Lounge. Current daily newspapers and magazines are also available to you every day.

Information about our Schön Komfort programme

Comprehensive menu selection

We like to pamper our Schön Komfort patients with a comprehensive selection of dishes and menus.

Particular optional extras:

Choose from four different lunch menus

  • Fresh fruit, coffee and hot drinks daily
  • Plenty of choices at breakfast and dinner (different types of bread, fresh produce, spreads etc.)
  • Cake in the afternoon

Many little extras and details for your well-being

You are important to us.

With many little details, we focus on you feeling respected and welcome here with us. We are happy to replace your towels on a daily basis and your bedding every other day, on request. We also offer an in-house laundry service. For more information, please contact your Schön Komfort Patient Care staff member. During your stay, we will provide you a daily newspaper and programme guide free of charge.