Treatment methods

Significantly improved hand function

Simpler forms of congenital malformations such as a double thumb can usually be corrected completely. In severe cases, our specialists can often achieve a functional improvement so that your child can better use his hand again. A cosmetically perfect result is more difficult and less achievable with severe forms of malformation.

Conservative treatment methods

Treating congenital malformations of the hand using splints

Specially adapted splints can improve the function and operational capability of the malformed hand. Either until an operation can take place or – if no surgery is necessary – even for long-term use. 

Surgical treatment methods

Correcting malformed hands with surgery

Simpler surgical procedures are planned by our experts between the first and second year of your child’s life. If the correction of the malformation requires multiple surgical procedures, these should be completed by the age of five. This allows your child to develop normally as early as possible. If one or more fingers are missing on one hand, our experienced specialists can intervene by transplanting the patient’s own toes.