Flat feet and high arches - Our treatment

Medical treatment for a flat foot or high arches is always necessary if the foot malposition causes you discomfort and pain. We treat around 300  patients with symptoms of flat feet and high arches every year. We have extensive expertise in all conservative and surgical treatment methods. Even if you require a complex operation for your flat foot or high arch, you are in the best hands with us. Many corrections can now be carried out completely or partially using minimally invasive techniques. 
Which therapy is best for you depends on the cause and the extent of your deformation. We will develop an individual treatment plan for you that is optimally tailored to you and your symptoms. 

Conservative treatment methods

Flat foot: Correction of the misalignment using a spacer

If there is a pronounced flexible flat foot in adolescence, we can straighten your foot with a spacer between the ankle and heel bone. This is an implant that is inserted in a small outpatient operation. After two to three years, this is then removed.

Flat foot: Correction of the dysfunction of the tibialis posterior tendon

A weakened tibialis posterior tendon is a frequent cause of a painful flat foot. The purpose of the surgery is to restore the normal function of the tendon. During this, we suture one of the many tendons that bend the toes, strengthening the tibialis posterior tendon. In most cases, this is combined with a minimally invasive correction of the heel bone malposition. The procedure is performed on an inpatient basis and requires a stay of approximately three days in our hospital.

General information about Flat foot and high arch

The flat foot or high arched foot is a malposition of the feet. We inform you about the causes, symptoms and possible diagnoses.