Mohamed Salah Elshafeai

Schoen Clinic Lorsch

Consultant - Spinal surgery

+49 6251 591-0

Job title

Specialist in neurosurgery
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Publication 2018

The view through the ventricle catheter - The new ShuntScope for the therapy of pediatric hydrocephalus.
Senger S, Antes S, Salah M, Tschan C, Linsler S, Oertel J
J Clin Neurosci.

Publication 2017

Intra-catheter endoscopy for various shunting procedures-a retrospective analysis on surgical practicability, catheter placement, and failure rates.
Antes S, Linsler S, Salah M, Senger S, Oertel J.
Acta Neurochir (Wien).