Dr. Michael Messner

"My special interest is the care of patients with movement disorders including complex therapy procedures such as pump therapy and deep brain stimulation as well as botulinum toxin treatments for the therapy of hyperkinetic disorders, dystonia, spasticity and sialorrhoea.

Dr. Michael Messmer

Schoen Clinic München Schwabing

Senior Registrar - Parkinson’s Specialised Clinic

Senior Registrar - Neurology and Clinical Neuropsychology

+49 89 36087-0

Job title

Specialist in Neurology
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Publication 2014

Subacute neuropathy under duodopa therapie without cobalamin deficiency
Sophie Lehnerer Urban Fietzek Michael Messner Ceballos-Baumann

Publication 2013

Long-term efficacy and patient satisfaction of apomorhine infusion
G. Kavaldjewa Urban Fietzek Michael Messner Ceballos-Baumann

Publication 2013

Therapy options with Botulinum toxin for patients with Parkinson`s disease
Urban Fietzek Messner Michael Ceballos-Baumann

Publication 2008

Therapy with botulinum toxin in patients with spasticity
Michael Messner Andres Ceballos-Baumann

Publication 2006

Update zur medikamentösen Therapie des idiopathischen Parkinson - Syndrom
Michael Messner Andres Ceballos-baumann