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The new type of corona virus SARS CoV-2 poses great challenges for our Bad Staffelstein MCC.

Latest information

Dear patients,

Schoen Clinic is well prepared for the current health situation. In order to maintain the minimum distance between people, we arrange our appointments so that no more than 2-3 patients are in the medical care centre or waiting room at the same time. We mainly attend emergency cases and patients with pain. Follow-up appointments for patients without symptoms are currently scheduled for the end of May. Please call us before your next appointment at 09573 92 31 006.

We evaluate the situation daily and will update our website with the latest news and guidelines.

Stay healthy - Your Schoen Clinic MCC Bad Staffelstein

Our current regulations for entering the MCC

The following persons may not enter the MCC

  • Patients who have had contact with corona infected people
  • Patients who have been in a risk area within the last 14 days 
  • Patients with symptoms of infection 
  • Accompanying persons for patients over 18 years of age (exceptions: patients under legal care)

Our range of treatment options


  • Complaints based on wear or injury to all joints, muscles and tendons of the locomotor system, including spinal conditions
  • Sports injuries


  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound examinations
  • Infant sonography


Surgical procedures for joint replacement

  • Hip joint replacement, e.g. total hip arthroplasty
  • First and repeated procedures for hip joint replacement
  • First and repeated procedures for knee joint arthroplasty
  • First and repeated procedures for shoulder surgery

Surgical procedures for joint preservation

  • Procedures for joint preservation and arthroscopies for all joints, including foot surgery

Surgical spine procedures

Other Services

  • Injection treatment
  • Examinations

Services for self-payers and private patients

  • Hyaluronic acid treatment

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