Dr. Maik Albert

Schoen Clinic Lorsch

Head of Department - Anaesthesia and intensive medicine

+49 6251 591-0

Job title

Specialist for anaesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine and medical quality management
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Publication 2018

Anästhesie-/Intensivmeds-, Kinderanästhesie- und Notarzt pocketcards
Albert, Humpich

Publication 2015

Regionalanästhesie und Gerinnungsstörungen
Albert, Mende, Eckart e.a.

Publication 2009

Regionalanästhesie XXS pocket
Albert, Ott, Kessler

Publication 2009

Sonographic control in regional anesthesia: a novel didactical concept
Albert, Franz, Humpich, Krause, Souquet, Meisenzahl, Kessler, Breitkreutz

Publication 2006

A Comparison of Reflectance Pulse Oximetry and near Infrared Spectroscopy for the Determination of the Fraction of Oxygenated Haemoglobin at Low Oxygen Saturations in an Animal Study
Kisch-Wedel, Bernreuter, Kemming, Albert, Zwissler

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