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Spinal surgery

Competent treatment for pain and wear in the back

The spine is not only one of the most important and sensitive centres of our body as an organ of movement, but also as a protective and supporting organ for the spinal cord and nerves. It is therefore our personal concern to provide you with the best possible care through careful diagnosis and targeted treatment for all back diseases and injuries. Our doctors and nurses work with the utmost care and expertise to achieve optimum results in the treatment of the highly sensitive spinal column.

Fit and healthy again for everyday life

Back disorders often considerably restrict the everyday life of the affected person. Our focus is therefore on restoring lost mobility and the degree of activity. Our doctors, therapists and nursing staff will accompany you during your entire stay in our clinic and support you in regaining your quality of life as quickly as possible.

Surgical procedures therefore focus on minimally invasive and motion-preserving operations. This ensures that you will quickly be fit and healthy again for everyday life.