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Anaesthesia and intensive medicine

We ensure freedom from pain and your safety

Welcome to the Anaesthesia Centre of Schoen Clinic Lorsch.

Our aim is to provide you with individual and sensitive care at the highest professional level. That is why our experienced anaesthesiology specialists and our highly trained nursing staff are there for you before, during and after the operation.

The excellent equipment of our four modern anaesthesia workstations with the latest generation of anaesthesia devices allows us to guarantee a maximum of safety even in the presence of concomitant diseases. In our intensive care unit we are able to provide all intensive care services including ventilation.

Responsible supervision

The Greek word “anaesthesia” means “insensitivity” and describes the most important task of the consultants in the Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care: They ensure that people are made insensitive to pain during surgery. Modern monitoring and anaesthesia devices support them in this. In many cases, they can also make it possible for you to undergo a stress-free operation without general anaesthetic. The experts in Lorsch have a great deal of experience in this local anaesthesia (anaesthesia of a region of the body, such as a leg or an arm). You will be given a mild sedative to support this. Some patients also relax during the operation by listening to music.

Overview of range of services

  • Anaesthesia consultation hours
  • All common anaesthetic procedures (with a high proportion of local anaesthesia)
  • Postoperative care in the recovery room
  • Monitoring and treatment of critically ill patients in the intensive care unit

All of the important questions regarding your anaesthesia will be clarified with you in a special consultation. Here, the consultants will work with you to determine the appropriate anaesthetic procedure. On the day of the operation itself, we will look after you closely and with the greatest possible comfort: Our modern operating centre has separate pre-operation rooms in which you will be placed under anaesthesia. After the operation, you wake up in a bright and friendly recovery room and stay there until all of your bodily functions are completely stable.