SLAP lesion – our treatment

A SLAP lesion in the shoulder is not an uncommon injury. It is a tear or rupture where the biceps tendon connects to the upper edge of the glenoid cavity. To avoid prolonged follow-up treatment, this injury should not be left untreated. Our highly qualified shoulder specialists at Schoen Clinic Lorsch as well as the entire spectrum of conservative and surgical treatment methods are at your disposal to treat your SLAP lesion of the shoulder. In the case of a SLAP lesion in the shoulder, we will start with conservative treatment methods such as physiotherapy. If physiotherapy does not have the desired effect or if the shouldercomplaints are ongoing, surgery can be a helpful method of restoring pain-free mobility back to your shoulder.

Our shoulder surgeons in Lorsch have extensive clinical and scientific experience with a variety of surgery methods that you can rely on to treat your SLAP lesion.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about SLAP lesion

A SLAP lesion is a rupture or tear of the glenoid labrum in the glenoid cavity. Read more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis.