Therapy for shoulder dislocation (shoulder instability)

If the shoulder is dislocated, severe pain occurs and the arm or shoulder joint is often limited in its mobility. The cause of shoulder dislocation is often a sports accident. Surgery is rarely necessary for a shoulder dislocation or shoulder instability.
The first step in treating your shoulder dislocation is repositioning the shoulder joint. The shoulder should then be immobilised.

Your treatment will focus on conservative measures such as muscle-building exercises and physiotherapy for older, less active patients. Our specialists in Lorsch also use modern therapy methods such as EMS training (electromyostimulation). Here your muscles are not only trained with weights, but also stimulated with electrical impulses. Individual muscle sections can be specifically controlled. In addition, relieving the strain by means of taping can be useful.

Conservative therapy is rarely successful, especially for young, active patients. Surgical stabilisation is carried out using a “keyhole technique”. The surgical procedure depends on the pathology present. Our experienced shoulder experts use minimally invasive procedures here to restore stability to your shoulder.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Shoulder instability

Shoulder instability can have various causes, usually it is the result of a dislocation. More about causes and symptoms can be found here.