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Shoulder arthrosis (medical term: omarthrosis) is caused by the wear and tear of the shoulder joint, i.e. by joint wear in your shoulder. It often develops with advancing age. The symptoms of arthrosis in the shoulder range from constant pain to impaired range of motion and stiffening of the shoulder joint. The onset of shoulder arthrosis is typically gradual, so that symptoms are often not perceived right away. If shoulder arthrosis is left untreated, the pain and restricted mobility can increase. In early stages of omarthrosis, conservative measures such as physiotherapy can help counter your pain and retain the function of your shoulders for as long as possible. If these measures are no longer help enough, though, it may make sense to have an operation. Our shoulder specialists here at Schoen Clinic Lorsch focus first on measures that preserve the joint. Many shoulder problems can be treated successfully and carefully with minimally invasive, arthroscopic procedures (keyword “keyhole surgery”). In cases of pronounced arthrosis of the shoulder joint with the accompanying restriction of function, it is suggested to have the joint replaced with an artificial one. In these cases as well, our experts will have a private preliminary consultation with you to answer your questions and take time for your concerns.

Our competent surgeons have extensive experience in conservative and operative treatment methods, particularly in minimally invasive operation procedures that can be used in a joint replacement operation.

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