Humeral head fracture – our treatment

A humeral head fracture is a fracture in the spherical humerus head, which together with the glenoid cavity forms the shoulder joint. A humeral head fracture is painful and should always be treated by a specialist.

The treatment will be conservative or involving surgery depending on the fracture, followed by physiotherapy, which will help to restrengthen your shoulder joint through special exercises. The duration of therapy for your humeral head facture depends on your personal requirements and the level of pain you are experiencing. Especially elderly patients and those with multimorbidities often need a longer phase to recover from a humeral head fracture. Our goal is always to restore the functionality of your shoulder as early and as well as possible.

After an exact diagnosis, our specialists’ goal is to reduce your pain using the right treatment and restore mobility to your shoulder joint. Make an appointment now.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Humeral head fracture

The humeral head fracture is a fracture of the humeral head. Read more about the causes and symptoms of a humeral head fracture.