Frozen shoulder – our treatment

Frozen shoulder, also called shoulder stiffness, is a disease in which the shoulder continually loses mobility. Those who have this diagnosis know how much it can limit your daily routine. You are in good hands with our experts at Schoen Clinic Lorsch when it comes to the treatment of your frozen shoulder. We offer you competent advice for frozen shoulder at our specialist centre for shoulder surgery and sports traumatology. Our specialists will give you a specific treatment recommendation based on an exact diagnosis. In most cases, a frozen shoulder can be treated without surgery. Should surgery be a sensible treatment to relieve your pain, you will be cared for at Schoen Clinic Lorsch by professional shoulder surgeons who have extensive clinical and scientific experience. Our aim is always to enable you to return to your everyday life quickly and, ideally, pain-free.

You’re in the right hands with our specialists in Lorsch if you suffer from shoulder stiffness. Our experts have years of experience and offer you a treatment or therapy based on the latest proven scientific methods.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Frozen shoulder

A Frozen Shoulder causes a painful limitation of shoulder mobility. Read more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.