Broken collarbone – our treatment

If your collarbone is broken, the treatment will depending on the severity of your injury. You should see a doctor no matter what in order to prevent further damage. In Lorsch, you are in the best hands with our shoulder specialists for the precise assessment and appropriate treatment of your broken collarbone. Treatment without surgery is usually sufficient: Your arm will be immobilised in a sling and you will be given pain-relieving drugs. It may also be helpful to see a physiotherapist after a broken collarbone. However, if it is an open broken collarbone, a comminuted fracture or if vessels and nerves are also affected in the course of the broken collarbone, surgery is necessary. The collarbone can be reconstructed with the use of a plate, for example. However, other methods of surgery are possible as well. Our experienced surgeons will explain to you in detail the operation required for your situation and will make the appropriate decision together with you.

You can rely on the many years of experience and expertise of our shoulder specialists in Lorsch when it comes to treating your broken collarbone. Make an appointment today.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Broken collarbone

The collarbone fracture is one of the most common bone fractures. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of this fracture.