Acromioclavicular joint separation – our treatment

In the case of acromioclavicular joint separation, different treatments can be applied depending on the degree of severity: If you’re suffering from mild acromioclavicular joint separation, conservative treatments such as physiotherapy and targeted exercises will generally be used to strengthen the joint. If the level of severity is higher, surgery may be wise. If you require surgery to treat your acromioclavicular joint separation, our experienced shoulder surgeons at Schoen Clinic Lorsch are at your disposal with their great expertise and medical competence. We will determine the right operative procedure together with you and organise suitable follow-up treatment to keep the duration of the treatment as short as possible while still being effective.

Our specialists are experienced shoulder experts. If surgery is required to treat your acromioclavicular joint separation, you’ll benefit from our consultants’ years of experience. Make an appointment now.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Acromioclavicular joint separation

The blasting of the acromioclavicular joint is an injury that often occurs during sport. Learn more about the causes and diagnosis of shoulder pain.