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Billing and hospital costs

If you are insured by a public health insurance company, you only need have to pay the statutory supplementary charge. You can do this conveniently at discharge in cash or by EC card payment at patient admission. The remaining costs will be settled directly with your insurance company.

Departure times

Your room is available to you until 9:00 on your release date. After that, it will be cleaned and prepared for the next clinic guest. We therefore request that you please leave the room by no later than 9:00 on your release date. If your release is not until later in the day, we will find a comfortable solution for you.

Arrival and admission

After your arrival at Schoen Clinic Lorsch, please register at the patient reception on the ground floor. This is where the registration formalities are taken care of. You will find instructions for the technical devices such as the television and telephone in your room. Don’t hesitate to make requests and ask questions. The nursing staff will take care of you from here on.

We will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The point of contact for all non-medical questions is patient admissions (internal tel. extension: 101). If you have medical or nursing care questions, please contact the nursing staff.


Your medical care is in your attending consultant’s hands. Outside of consultation hours, the patients are treated by the on-call medical staff. Your attending consultant or his/her proxy will, of course, be notified of any changes in your condition and consulted accordingly.

Common areas

Schoen Clinic Lorsch has the following lounge areas:

  • The Schoen Café on the ground floor of the old building: Monday - Friday: 08:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Outside area and park: Open all day

Patient room furnishings

Each room has its own bathroom, TV and wireless internet access.

Visiting hours

Your visit is welcome between 08:00 am and 8:00 pm.
Please consider your bed neighbours in a double or shared room and use our common areas if required.

Flowers and plants

Please be understanding: flowers with a heavy aroma are not suitable for a hospital room with several beds.
Plants that are planted in soil may not be brought in for hygienic reasons.

Fire protection

As proscribed by the fire brigade, the use of open fire (candles, aroma lamps, etc.) are prohibited. We hope you understand.
Please note the posted fire escape routes.

Data protection

The personal data saved are subject to the strictest data protection regulations. All of your information and exam results and findings will be treated confidentially.

You can release your consultants from consultant-patient confidentiality if you want them to be allowed to provide, e.g. information about your health condition to your relatives.


In accordance with statutory regulations, we currently charge patients with statutory health insurance an excess of € 10.00 per calendar day for a maximum of 28 days per calendar year. The clinic is merely a collection point for the respective health insurance company and passes the co-pay on to them. Date of admission and release will each be billed as one calendar day.

If you have already paid the co-pay to us or another hospital, please bring the receipt for this stay when you are admitted. You can pay your own contribution conveniently at discharge in cash or by EC card payment at patient admission.


Your attending consultant will notify you of your release date in due time at some point during your treatment. A final consultation with your doctor will take place on the day of discharge or the evening before discharge. After breakfast on the day of discharge, you are usually allowed to leave the clinic. We request that you vacate the room by 9:00 so it can be cleaned and the sheets changed.

Before you leave the clinic, please settle the invoice (own contribution) with the patient admission staff and hand in the patient survey at the ward base. You can settle the invoice in cash or by EC card payment. The patient admission staff will calculate the amount of your own contribution (10 € per day for a maximum of 28 days per year) and will issue you with a receipt.


We serve tea or coffee (with meals) and mineral water in your room in the ward. In addition to these times, you and your visitors can use our Schön Café on the ground floor.

Hair dryer

Hair dryers can be hired from the care base of the respective ward.


Only bathrooms in the area of optional service accommodation are equipped with towels. If you have not chosen an optional service room, please bring your own towels.


Free wireless Internet access is available on all wards, and your ward staff will be happy to provide you with the access data. Please bring along your own devices (laptop, tablet PC, Smartphone), Schoen Clinic Lorsch does not have publicly accessible PCs.

Praise and complaints

In principle, every staff member is available to you to take requests and complaints. If you have medical questions, please contact the nursing staff. If you have complaints regarding the food, beverages or cleanliness, please speak directly to our nursing staff.

We will look into your matter as quickly as possible.


During your stay, the clinic will give you medications. If you have brought medications from home for other illnesses that are not related to the current hospital stay, please make sure to discuss the administration with your consultant.

Other patients and quiet hours

We would like to limit our guests as little as possible and thus make your stay as pleasant as possible. Recovery also includes plenty of rest. We therefore request that, if you are in a two or three-bed room, you take visitors to the common room so you don’t disturb your room neighbours. General quiet hours start at 22:00.

MRSA screening

Many serious infectious diseases are associated with bacteria. These bacteria include MRSA = methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Directly before and after an operation, contact with these bacteria can be very dangerous.
Therefore, all patients who have an increased risk of carrying these bacteria are tested in our clinic before the operation or on admission. In this context, we ask you to complete the questionnaire for admission screening. If different criteria apply, the screening is carried out.

If a microbial infestation is known, we will reschedule the operation, if the patient’s condition permits, until the bacteria has been successfully treated. This measure is for your own protection to prevent an acute infection after the operation. On the other hand, it also protects all the other patients because these bacteria can spread quickly throughout the environment, e.g. a ward.

Preparing for surgery

Our experienced nursing staff will calmly prepare you for the upcoming operation. Don’t hesitate to speak to them. We are here for you.

Orthopaedic emergency outpatient clinic

Our emergency outpatient clinic for orthopaedic emergencies or sports injuries is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Patient admissions

The patient reception is located on the ground floor behind the reception area. Our staff are your point of contact for all non-medical or administrative matters. You can reach patient admissions internally by dialling 101.

Patient survey and patient satisfaction (PASAT)

Our goal is your satisfaction. We therefore do anything we can to continuously improve our services. Please help us do this by filling out the patient satisfaction survey and submitting it to the ward staff or patient management staff before your discharge. The patient satisfaction questionnaire will be given to you by the ward staff approx. 3 days before your planned discharge.


Free parking is available in front of the main entrance to the clinic. Please understand that we have only a limited number of parking spaces at our disposal, which can lead to bottlenecks in the available parking spaces.


Incoming mail will be delivered to your room immediately. To be able to reliably ensure this, your relatives and business partners should use the following address:

  • Your name
  • Room number
  • Schoen Clinic Lorsch
  • Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 10
  • 64653 Lorsch


The consultants at Schoen Clinic Lorsch feel obligated to engage in ethical medicine in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration. That includes paying attention to innovative developments in medicine and implementing them on the basis of established medical findings, continuous education and a permanently established quality management system which is achieved by consistently improving the services in all areas of the company. Schoen Clinic Lorsch is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as being a maximum care Endo-Prosthetics Centre.

Several measures ensure a high level of treatment and service quality and patient safety. For example, at admission and six months after your discharge, we ask you to complete a questionnaire on your state of health. In this way we can ensure that treatment at our clinic is also successful in the long term. To ensure the quality of our services, we also request that you fill out our patient survey.

Additional quality assurance and patient safety measures include:

  • MRSA screening to prevent infections resulting from hazardous antibiotic-resistant hospital bacteria
  • Disinfection of hands (“Clean Hands” campaign)
  • Surgery checklists (reliable prevention of mistakes during surgery)
  • Infection screening

Smoke-free hospital

Schoen Clinic Lorsch is a “smoke-free hospital”. Smokers may still smoke outside in the marked smoking area. Opposite the main entrance there is a covered smoking area for patients on the lawn. All other areas of the building are smoke-free.


If you present your insurance card, the clinic will handle the costs of your inpatient treatment with your insurance company. You pay the legally stipulated own contribution of 10 euros per day on the day of discharge at patient admission in cash or by EC card payment. You or the private supplemental insurance company will receive an invoice or elective services such as a single room or chief consultant treatment directly.

If you have any questions regarding your bill and insurance, our staff at patient admissions will gladly assist you with their experience. Get in touch with us!

Rehabilitation and follow-up treatment

Orthopaedic patients in particular often require follow-up treatment after their stay at the hospital (“rehab”). Contact our social service (Ms. Braun: Tel. 06251 591 311) even before your planned inpatient admission. Ms. Braun will take care of reserving a rehab spot and the transfer to the facility.


If needed, you will receive a comfortable wheelchair which the nursing staff will gladly bring to your room.

Schön Café

The Schön Café on the ground floor offers you a selected assortment of newspapers, magazines, chemist shop articles as well as snacks and drinks. You can find the opening hours posted at the Schön Café.


The nursing and patient admissions staff will always lend an ear to you. If you need counselling or spiritual assistance, we will gladly get you in touch with the right person.


We would like your stay to be as pleasant as possible. You are welcome to receive your meals at your ward.


  • Breakfast is served at ward: 7:30 am to 8:30 am
  • Lunch is served at ward: from 11:30 am
  • Dinner is served at ward: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

 The nutrition assistants will gladly answer questions you have about special dietary requirements or food allergies. Ask the nursing staff to make contact.

Daily routine

The following information about the ward routine are not a rigid schedule, but merely provide general information about daily care in the ward. Diagnostic and therapeutic measures or scheduled appointments with consultants may be delayed due to emergencies. We request your patience in these exceptional situations.

Early morning
Between 6:00 am and 6:15 am the morning shift takes over from the night shift. At 6:15 am, you will be awakened and nursing care will start. From 7:30 am on, breakfast will be served in your room. After breakfast, the therapeutic, diagnostic and nursing measures will start.
On the day of discharge, please leave your room by 9:00 am if possible.

In the morning, the menu is prepared for the following day. The patient rooms are also cleaned during the morning.

From 11:30, we serve you lunch in your room. If you are not present during lunch, we will gladly bring your meal at a later time. After lunch, we try to disturb you as little as possible so you can enjoy your midday in peace.

From 1:40 pm to approx. 2:00 pm there is a nursing staff shift change. Necessary applications and diagnostic measures also take place during this time. If a surgical procedure is schedule for the next day, you will be prepared for it. In this case, please remain in the ward or speak to the nursing staff.

From 5:30 pm, we serve you dinner in your room. From 20:00, we also request that you and, if applicable, your guests contribute toward ensuring it is quiet at night.

Telephone and telecommunication

Telephone / Telephone fees:
Every patient room is equipped with a telephone. Calls within the clinic are free of charge. Your personal telephone number can be found on your telephone card. This consists of the base number 591 and the four numbers on the phone card.

If you want to use a telephone connection for external calls at your bed, a telephone card machine is available on the ground floor next to the patient admission to purchase a telephone card. Our receptionists will be happy to assist you. To ensure that no one can place calls from your personal telephone line at your expense, you should always keep the card with you when you leave the room. If you no longer need the phone card, return it at the machine.

For safety reasons, you are not permitted to use your mobile telephone in the operating theatre, intensive care unit and emergency room as well as in the consultation rooms. Please understand if staff members speak to you about this. You are welcome to use your mobile in the patient rooms and outside.

Phone card rates:
Base fee per telephone per day: € 1.75 incl. VAT, fee unit: € 0.15 incl. VAT. International calls often cost more and charges vary. Our reception and patient admission staff will be happy to inform you about this.

Leaving the clinic

Leaving the hospital premises during the inpatient stay is not permitted. 

When you are discharged from the clinic, please complete our patient satisfaction questionnaire and hand it in at the ward base or at the patient reception. In order to admit new clinic guests and emergency patients, we have to ask you to vacate your room by no later than 9:00 am. More information under “Release”


Please take care of your valuables. Thieves unscrupulously take advantage of the trust and helplessness of their victims, even in hospitals. Only bring what you absolutely need with you to the hospital. Please leave valuables at home. If you have to leave your room for treatment, always make sure you have locked your dressers and safely stored money and valuables.

Larger amounts of cash or valuables can also be kept in the safe in our patient reception. The clinic does not assume any liability for valuables, money or jewellery not submitted for safekeeping.

To protect you valuables, Weiße Ring e.V. recommend the following:

  • Do not bring large amounts of cash, jewellery or other valuables to the hospital!
  • Use the available hospital safes!
  • Never leave your personal items unattended in your room!
  • Report suspicious persons to the hospital staff and any theft to the police!
  • If, despite the necessary care, you are the victim of theft, please contact the Weiße Ring or the police with confidence. They will provide you quick, non-bureaucratic assistance free of charge!

You can also find additional information online at: or

Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers and magazines are available in our Schön Café on the ground floor of the clinic.