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High-quality medical treatment for knee pain

High-quality medical treatment for knee pain

Knee pain and problems in the knee joint can have a variety of causes. With its many ligaments, tendons, muscles, menisci and areas of cartilage, the knee joint is highly complex. 

At our Knee Centre between Darmstadt and Mannheim, we first determine the cause of your knee pain. Based on this, we work with you to develop a specific treatment plan. 

Our goal is to relieve your knee pain in such a way that you can cope with your everyday life as painlessly as possible again. Conservative treatment methods, such as physiotherapy with appropriate knee exercises, can achieve initial positive results. However, if these are exhausted, an operation through to an artificial knee joint can be useful. At Schoen Clinic Lorsch, we will discuss with you which treatment method is most appropriate for you and a healthy knee joint.
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Are you looking for an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in your knee joint? Our knee specialists are here for you. With their many years of experience, they are the experts for your knee joint. We work at the highest medical level and according to the latest scientific findings for your health. Trust in the expertise of our knee specialists and make an appointment now.