Registration for inpatient admission

We will support you so your stay starts without problems.

Our Patient Management team will be happy to help with all questions regarding bills, optional services, insurance, supplementary payments and the accommodation of accompanying persons. We will support you in communicating with your funder and will happily inform you about our in-house facilities.

Admission for Inpatient Hospital Treatment

Prerequisites for admission to our hospital

In principle, we admit patient from all public and private insurance companies and aid authorities.

Prerequisites for this include

  • hospital admission order from your treating consultant
  • or a certificate from the treating clinic
  • or a written cost acceptance statement from your health insurer, pension insurance institution or Federal Benefits Agency

This, of course, excludes acute emergency treatments.

Registration for admission to our hospital

The admission process to our acute hospital varies from specialist centre to specialist centre:

Appointments for outpatient examinations for all health insurance companies:

Please bring the following documents to all consultations and to your inpatient admission.

  • Health insurance card
  • Referral certificate (pink)
  • for the consultation we need a referral certificate from the specialist (orthopaedics or surgery)
  • Valid identity documents
  • Doctor’s letters and the findings of any previous examinations
  • Medication you are currently taking (a written list is sufficient)

Prerequisites for admission to follow-up treatment

So that you will recover quickly from your operation, we also offer rehabilitation in our sister clinics after your stay. Or we will help you to choose a suitable clinic for follow-up treatment in your area. 

Normally, you will be supported in this by

  • your treating consultant at the clinic your are currently at
  • the social service at the clinic you are currently attending 

Additional payment

For patients with statutory health insurance who are at least 18 years old and are not exempt from additional payments, legislature specifies that an additional payment of 10 Euros has to be paid for every inpatient treatment day for a maximum of 28 calendar days per year. Please pay the co-pay after receiving the invoice after your inpatient stay. We will then pass on the payment to your health insurance company.

Extras for your stay

Do you want to add special services to make your stay at the hospital more comfortable? Feel free to get information about what our private hospital has to offer or book additional comfort services and other services yourself as a self-payer.