Liver cancer

Specialised in the surgical treatment of malignant tumours

The most important tasks of the liver are the production of vital proteins, the utilisation of food components and the degradation and excretion of metabolic products and toxins.

A distinction is made between benign and malignant liver conditions. With the exception of certain liver cysts or large tumours, surgery is rarely required for benign diseases. Surgery is often the therapy of choice in the case of malignant tumours of the liver. 

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic have many years of experience in the surgical treatment of liver cancer and liver metastasis. Our goal is to completely remove the tumour and cure the cancer. 

Causes & symptoms

Liver cancer: Causes of this disease

How the cancer that primarily occurs in the liver develops has not yet been sufficiently clarified. However, chronic inflammation and the resulting damage to the liver cells obviously play an important role. Liver cancer is thus associated with liver cirrhosis or a chronic hepatitis infection in more than 80 per cent of cases. The situation is different with what is known as liver metastases, which do not develop primarily from liver cells but manifest themselves as daughter tumours of a tumour growing elsewhere.

Liver cancer symptoms: common symptoms of liver cancer

The symptoms of liver cancer are relatively non-specific. The most common symptoms are a deterioration in general health, loss of appetite and weight, and possibly uncharacteristic pain in the upper abdomen. If the tumour is located in the central biliary system, it can disrupt the flow of bile, causing subsequent jaundice. 


Liver cancer – diagnosis: How we diagnose a disease

Our treating specialist will talk to you before starting treatment. This discussion can take place in the presence of your relatives if you like. During this, the examination results you bring with you will be examined in detail. We will then decide together with you which further examinations, if any, should be carried out at Schoen Clinic.

Our tumour board: Cooperation and dialogue among experts

Liver tumours can occur in very different forms. A distinction is made between tumours that develop from the liver tissue and those that develop as metastases from originally other malignant tumours of different organs (intestine, prostate, kidney, breast). 

In order to do justice to this complexity and to each patient, each individual case is discussed within our interdisciplinary tumour board. This is where specialists meet specialists – with the firm goal of jointly developing an individual therapy strategy for you. Taking into account all of the factors (concomitant diseases, prior treatment, type and extent of tumour), we develop a solution that always has your best possible treatment in mind.