Dr. Jürgen Herzog

My ideal understanding of neurological early rehabilitation is to show each patient a personalised and feasible way out of a terrible stroke of fate.

Schoen Clinic München Schwabing

Head of Department - Neurological Rehabilitation and Early Rehabilitation

+49 89 36087-0

Schoen Clinic Neurological Day Clinic München

Head of Department - Neurological Day Clinic Munich

+49 89 36087-156

Schoen Clinic Day Clinic Dementia

Head of Department - Day Clinic for Dementia

+49 89 36087-1180

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Publication 2000

Voltage-sensor sodium channel mutations cause hypokalemic periodic paralysis type 2 by enhanced inactivation and reduced current.
Jurkat-Rott K, Mitrovic N, Hang C, Kouzmekine A, Iaizzo P, Herzog J, Lerche H, Nicole S, Vale-Santos J, Chauveau D, Fontaine B, Lehmann-Horn F

Publication 2005

Mutation in the neuronal voltage-gated sodium channel SCN1A in familial hemiplegic migraine.
Dichgans M, Freilinger T, Eckstein G, Babini E, Lorenz-Depiereux B, Biskup S, Ferrari MD, Herzog J, van den Maagdenberg AM, Pusch M, Strom TM

Publication 2013

Rationale and Design of the Prospective German Registry of Outcome in Patients with severe disorders of consciousness after acute brain injury.
Grill E, Klein AM, Howell K, Arndt M, Bodrozic L, Herzog J, Jox R, Koenig E, Mansmann U, Müller F, Müller T, Nowak D, Schaupp M, Straube A, Bender A.

Publication 2014

Praktische Neurorehabilitation. Behandlungskonzepte nach Schädigung des Nervensystems.
Müller F, Walther E., Herzog J. (Herausgeber)

Publication 2020

Pharyngeal electrical stimulation for neurogenic dysphagia following stroke, traumatic brain injury or other causes: Main results from the PHADER cohort study.
Bath PM, Woodhouse LJ, Suntrup-Krueger S, Likard R, Koestenberger M, Warusevitane A, Herzog J, Schuettler M, Ragab S, Everton L, Ledl C, Walther E, Saltuari L, Pucks-Faes E, Bocksrucker C, V

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