PD Dr Johannes Patzelt

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Consultant - Hospital for Internal Medicine and Cardiology

+49 4561 54-2000

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Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology
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Publication 2021

Reduced left ventricular contractility, increased diastolic operant stiffness and high energetic expenditure in patients with severe aortic regurgitation without indication for surgery
Jan-Christian Reil, Gert-Hinrich Reil, Nora Hecker, Vasco Sequeira, Jeffrey S Borer, Ulrich Stierle, Daniel Lavall, Christoph Marquetand, Claudia Busch, Johannes Patzelt, Matthias Heringlake

Publication 2021

The C5a/C5a receptor 1 axis controls tissue neovascularization through CXCL4 release from platelets
Henry Nording, Lasse Baron, David Haberthür, Frederic Emschermann, Matthias Mezger, Manuela Sauter, Reinhard Sauter, Johannes Patzelt, Kai Knoepp, Anne Nording, Moritz Meusel, Roza Meyer-Sar

Publication 2019

Conventional echocardiographic parameters or three-dimensional echocardiography to evaluate right ventricular function in percutaneous edge-to-edge mitral valve repair (PMVR)
*Sauter, R.J., *Patzelt, J., Mezger, M., Nording, H., Reil, J.C., Saad, M., Seizer, P., Schreieck, J., Rosenberger, P., Langer, H.F., Magunia, H.

Publication 2020

Acute changes of global and longitudinal right ventricular function: an exploratory analysis in patients undergoing open-chest mitral valve surgery, percutaneous mitral valve repair and off-
Marius Keller, Tim Heller, Tobias Lang, Johannes Patzelt, Juergen Schreieck, Christian Schlensak, Peter Rosenberger, Harry Magunia

Publication 2021

Deep Sedation versus General Anaesthesia for Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair: An Individual-Patient Data Meta-analysis of Observational Studies
Jobs, A., Grund, de Waha-Thiele, S., Ledwoch, J., Sievert, H., Rassaf, T., Luedike, P., Kelm, M., Hellhammer, K., Horn, P., Westenfeld, R., Patzelt, J., Langer,H.F., Lurz, P., Desch, S., Eit