Irina Mader

Schoen Clinic Vogtareuth

Consultant - Specialist Centre for Radiology

+49 8038 90-0

Job title

Doctor for Radiological Diagnostics and Neuroradiology
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Publication 2020

Characterization of longitudinal transformation of T2-hyperintensity in oligodendroglioma
Heiland DH, Ohle R, Cipriani D, Franco P, Delev D, Behriger SP, Kellner E, Petrova G, Neidert N, Mader I, Nuñez MF, Urbach H, Sankowski R, Beck J, Schnell O

Publication 2020

Effects of hippocampus-sparing resections in the temporal lobe: Hippocampal atrophy is associated with a decline in memory performance
Wagner K, Gau K, Metternich B, Geiger MJ, Wendling AS, Kadish NE, Reuner G, Mayer H, Mader I, Beck J, Zentner J, Urbach H, Schulze-Bonhage A, Kaller CP, Foit NA

Publication 2020

Surgery for IDH1/2 wild-type glioma invading the corpus callosum.
Franco P, Delev D, Cipriani D, Neidert N, Kellner E, Masalha W, Mercas B, Mader I, Reinacher P, Weyerbrock A, Fung C, Beck J, Heiland DH, Schnell O.

Publication 2020

SPectroscOpic prediction of bRain Tumours (SPORT): study protocol of a prospective imaging trial.
Franco P, Würtemberger U, Dacca K, Hübschle I, Beck J, Schnell O, Mader I, Binder H, Urbach H, Heiland DH.

Publication 2021

Do gliosarcomas have distinct imaging features on routine MRI?
Maurer CJ, Mader I, Joachimski F, Staszewski O, Märkl B, Urbach H, Roelz R

Publication 2021

Mapping of Metabolic Heterogeneity of Glioma Using MR-Spectroscopy.
Franco P, Huebschle I, Simon-Gabriel CP, Dacca K, Schnell O, Beck J, Mast H, Urbach H, Wuertemberger U, Prinz M, Hosp JA, Delev D, Mader I, Heiland DH.



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