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Patients of many nationalities visit us

Thanks to our successful treatment methods and status as a leading research institution, we have gained an international reputation that attracts a large number of foreign patients. We enjoy an especially high level of recognition in the Arab countries. In order to meet the needs of these individuals and our domestic patients, the majority of our Arab patients are accommodated in rooms with facilities that enable us to cater to their particular dietary requirements. They are also cared for by trained personnel who are familiar with their culture and way of life.

Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land

The Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land offers cutting-edge medicine within three medical fields: orthopaedics, pulmonology and psychosomatics – on the edge of the Berchtesgaden Alps. The hospital's pulmonology department houses Europe's largest centre for medical care before and after lung transplants. FOCUS Health has repeatedly praised the hospital as one of the best psychosomatic specialist clinics for rehabilitation in Germany, and also for its orthopaedics department.

Your contact:
Ms Elin Hautvast, private inpatient settlements and international patient support

Tel: +49 8652 93-1881

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Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek

As an academic teaching hospital affiliated to the University of Hamburg, the Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek includes departments that specialise in inter-regional care. The Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek has enjoyed a strong national reputation for many years, especially for the treatment of severe brain trauma, as well as orthopaedic and rheumatic diseases in adults, children and adolescents. The hospital's somatic specialisms are supplemented by a psychosomatics and psychotherapy department as well as a psychiatry and psychotherapy department. 

Your contact:
International Patient Management

Tel: +49 40 2092-3095

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Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen

At this specialist hospital for orthopaedics and rehabilitation near Rosenheim, specialists including orthopaedic surgeons, spinal surgeons, physiotherapists, nurses and specialised pain therapists work together to restore the patients' freedom of movement. All necessary treatments are offered, from conservative therapy to surgery and rehabilitation.

Your contact:
Alexander Wiedemann, Complaints Management

Tel: +49 8061 90-1310

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Schoen Clinic München Harlaching

As a respected German specialist hospital with a long-standing tradition, the Schoen Klinik München Harlaching has an excellent reputation in the international medical community. Our specialists at the "Musculoskeletal Competence Centre" demonstrate great achievements in the treatment of orthopaedic diseases of any nature. The extensive range of medical treatments includes prevention as well as outpatient rehabilitation. At the private clinic of the Schön Klinik München Harlaching, discerning patients receive top-class service in all clinical disciplines.

Your contact:
Salima Boujaida, Medical Servicemanager

Tel: +49 89 6211-1827

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Schoen Clinic München Schwabing

The Schoen Clinic München Schwabing offers its patients the entire neurological treatment chain under one roof – from diagnosis of neurological diseases and the associated acute inpatient therapies to rehabilitation and the option of treatment in our day clinic.

Your contact:
Mr Nabil El Muayed, Patient Service

Tel: +49 89 36087-2635

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Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Specialist hospital for orthopaedics, neurology and internal medicine. The facility's wide range of treatment options includes a 24-hour A&E department, stroke care in a dedicated stroke unit, and one of Europe's most advanced operating theatres. In terms of orthopaedic care, patients benefit from the fact that all treatment, from surgery through to rehabilitation, takes place under one roof.

Your contact:
Mr Thomas Martens, Head of Patient Service

Tel: +49 4561 54 458801

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Schoen Clinic Nuremberg – Fürth

The specialist clinic for orthopaedics and trauma surgery, spine and scoliosis therapy, as well as general and visceral surgery. Its specialist fields include all diseases of the musculoskeletal system (joints and back), surgical treatment of abdominal diseases, thyroid disorders, trauma surgery and urological treatment.

Your contact:
Patient Management

Tel: +49 911 97140

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