Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schimmelpenning

The best surgery for our patients every day full of energy and concentration and always with the latest knowledge, humanely and with the whole team.

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Head of Department - Clinic for General Visceral and Vascular Surgery

+49 4561 54-452000

Job title

Specialist for surgery and special GI tract and endocrine surgery
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Publication 2020

Assessment of a circular powered stapler for creation of anastomosis in left-sided colorectal surgery: A prospective cohort Study
Herzig DO, Ogilvie JW, Chudzinski A, Ferrara A, Ashraf SQ, Jimenez-Rodriguez RM, Van der Speeten K, Kinross J, Schimmelpenning H, Sagar PM, Cannon JA, Schwiers ML, Singleton DW, Waggoner JR,

Publication 2020

Proktologie, in: OP Handbuch 7. Aufl.
Schimmelpenning H

Publication 2016

Proctologists omitted
Jongen J, Kahlke V, Schimmelpenning H

Publication 2010

Assessing the safety, effectiveness, and quality of life after the STARR procedure for obstructed defecation: results of the German STARR registry
Oliver Schwandner, Alois Fürst, German STARR Registry Study Group

Publication 2009

Chirurgische Therapie chronisch entzündlicher Darmerkrankungen
Schimmelpenning H

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