Scoliosis and kyphosis – our treatment

The treatment of your scoliosis or kyphosis belongs in the hands of absolute specialists: Our Spine Centre in Hamburg is one of the few certified centres of excellence in Germany and Europe and has already been awarded many times by the German magazine ‘Focus Health’ as a national top hospital for spinal surgery. Here you will receive the best possible treatment for your scoliosis or kyphosis. If conservative measures such as special physiotherapeutic exercises, pain management or treatment with a brace are no longer sufficient to reduce your pain and maintain the stability of your spine sufficiently, surgery for scoliosis is often a suitable treatment. Trust our experts, who will give you an individual therapeutic recommendation for the treatment of your scoliosis or kyphosis based on a detailed and comprehensive diagnosis.

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Scoliosis or kyphosis

Scoliosis is a lateral twisting of the spine, kyphosis a bending of the spine. More about the causes and symptoms here.