Osteoporosis – our treatment

Osteoporosis, also known as bone atrophy, often causes severe pain due to fractures. It can affect all areas of your back, mostly the thoracic or lumbar spine, but also the cervical spine. Our experts at the Spine Centre in Hamburg specialise in osteoporosis treatment and, based on a detailed diagnosis, will draw up an individual treatment plan for you to treat your osteoporosis or osteoporotic fractures. Depending on the type of fracture and the restriction of your mobility, either conservative treatment with physiotherapy, drugs (painkillers) and a brace (orthosis) or surgery may be indicated. Our experts have decades of clinical and scientific experience in spinal surgery and apply state-of-the-art, partially navigated surgical procedures.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


Therapy and Training Centre Hamburg for osteoporosis treatment

Whether you want to prevent osteoporosis, reduce your pain with targeted back exercises or strengthen your muscles after an operation – our physiotherapists and sports scientists at our Therapy and Training Centre Hamburg will give you professional guidance. Find out about this service, which is currently only available to private and self-funded patients.

General information about Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis (bone loss) frequently leads to bone fractures. We clarify you about the causes, symptoms and diagnostics.