Osteochondrosis – our treatment

Which therapy can best help you with your osteochondrosis depends mainly on the current severity of this wear-related disease. Conservative measures such as special exercises from physiotherapy and stabilising sport in combination with a balanced diet are the first steps in treatment. If permanent pain has a lasting effect on your quality of life, surgery can be a sensible treatment option. With our specialists in Hamburg, you are in the best of hands for your osteochondrosis surgery: Our internationally renowned, outstanding experts have years of clinical and scientific experience in the surgical treatment of osteochondrosis. Our Spine Centre is also one of the few certified centres of excellence in Germany and Europe. You can rely on the high quality of medical treatment in the therapy of your osteochondrosis. 

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Osteochondrosis

In osteochondrosis there is a change in the area of the intervertebral discs and spine. Everything about the causes and symptoms here.