Back pain – our treatment

If you suffer from back pain, you will find professional help at our Spine Centre in Hamburg, certified as a centre of excellence. Here, specialists from different disciplines work together in an interdisciplinary and cross-professional manner to treat your back pain, whether in the lower back or upper back. Conservative measures such as targeted pain management, exercises from physiotherapy or muscle strengthening exercise and sport can generally help you. In the case of lasting or recurrent back pain, surgery may also be a suitable treatment in order to relieve you of your back pain. The basis for surgery is an extensive diagnosis. Our spine surgeons are among the leading and most experienced surgeons internationally. Wherever possible, they use gentle minimally invasive and microsurgical surgical procedures, including with the help of state-of-the-art techniques such as spinal navigation. 

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


Your way out of back pain with the Schoen Clinic Back Institute

Back pain can have a variety of causes. This is why specialists from various disciplines work together at our Schoen Clinic Back Institute to provide you with individual help and the best possible treatment. A comprehensive diagnosis forms the basis for further treatment recommendations: Whether conservative measures such as targeted physiotherapy or pain management are sufficient or whether surgery is necessary to relieve your back pain: You can rely on our expert opinion.

General information about Back pain

Back pain should not just be shrugged off. Read about where the pain comes from, what the causes are and what you can do to combat your symptoms.