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Spinal Surgery

Your back specialists in the north

Back pain is one of the most common illnesses in the country. There are many causes and they are very individual. We consult with and treat you just as individually and comprehensively at our specialised spinal centre at Schoen Clinic in Hamburg Eilbek. Our focus is on illnesses of the spine, the spinal canal itself and the nerves originating at the spine.

Modern therapies for a higher quality of life

High-tech medicine for your back

Our spine team consists of spinal surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopaedists and trauma surgeons as well as specialised pain therapists, sports consultants, physiotherapists and chiropractors. We are usually able to help our patients with back pain without requiring surgery. Thus, for instance, only eight percent of the patients with herniated discs in the lumbar spine are operated on. A comprehensive and precise diagnosis is always the basis of our therapy recommendation.

If surgery is required, we use navigated and gentle minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.

Our range of treatment options at a glance:

  • wear-related changes in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine
  • Herniated discs
  • Instabilities
  • Form deviations
  • Deformities
  • Inflammatory changes
  • Rheumatic illnesses
  • Treatment of tumours
  • Injuries

The most modern spinal navigation for more safety

Spinal navigation is a technical aid for the surgeon with which, for instance, screws can be precisely placed during complex operations and complicated anatomical conditions on the spine. Chief Consultant Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ralph Kothe was one of the first surgeons in Germany to apply the spinal navigation technique and has since continuously developed it. At our clinic, we routinely perform navigated operations on the cervical and thoracic spine. A navigation device of the newest technical generation is available for these procedures. You can benefit from the massive surgical experience of our specialists and the most modern technology.

Minimally invasive and micro-surgical procedure

In all suitable cases, we perform a minimally invasive operation. We also mobilise our patients the afternoon of the day of their surgery. This results in a significantly reduced risk of thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.

Another focus is the application of miniaturised incision techniques when treating herniated discs, osseous constrictions of the spinal canal and tumours in the spinal canal. Chief Consultant Prof. Dr. Luca Papavero was also involved in the introduction of special techniques and also works on the further development thereof on an international level. With miniaturised incision techniques, the intraoperative blood loss is limited to 50 to 100ml. This contributes toward a very short recovery period with quick rehabilitation.

Intraoperative monitoring when removing tumours

In our spinal surgery department, intraoperative monitoring is a standard when removing tumours in the spinal canal. Such operations, in particular in the area of the cervical and thoracic spine require many years of surgical experience and sophisticated surgical equipment. We use high-powered surgical microscopes, intraoperative x-ray machines and micro-surgical instruments of the newest generation. Monitoring the electrical activity of the spinal cord during the operation is a complicated and demanding procedure that significantly reduces the risk of post-operative neurological failures. With this high-tech procedure, you can be certain that your back is most-capable hands.

Excellent spinal surgery

Quality in Focus

We are one of the leading spinal surgery hospitals in the country. The award from the magazine Focus Gesundheit, presented for the first time this year, confirms this. Top-notch medicine at the highest level – that’s what makes our spinal surgery department stand out.

One of Germany's top institution for spine surgery

In 2017 the German Spine Society (Deutsche Wirbelsäulengesellschaft) has confirmed the top medicine of our specialist centre for spinal surgery with the certification to one of the nationwide centres of excellence.

Second Centre of Excellence in Europe

As the second institution ever in Europe, our spinal surgery has been certified as a centre of excellence. The cachet, Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence, is awarded by the German Society for Spine Surgery (Deutsche Wirbelsäulengesellschaft) in cooperation with the European Spine Society (EUROSPINE).

Holistic path away from back pain

The Schoen Clinic Back Institute

What to do if you have back pain? Go to an orthopaedist or maybe it’s better to go to a neurosurgeon? Or to a pain therapist? At our Schoen Clinic Back Institute, we cooperate with all of the important specialist departments. Here, you will be fully examined, receive a precise diagnosis and a customised treatment plan. Quick, uncomplicated, from a single source. You have a clear point of contact who will accompany you through the entire treatment process and take care of your recovery.