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Septic surgery

Septic Bone and Soft Tissue Surgery

Your experts for complicated cases

Bone and joint infections can lead to life-threatening conditions. They are part of the most serious complications within accident and orthopaedic surgery. If they are not treated in time and effectively, loss of functionality and chronic progression to a loss of the extremity can be the result. Only quick, consistent and targeted treatment can lead to the extremities being able to function and take a load again. The septic-surgical experience of the treatment team has particular importance here. This experience means that the best results are achieved and disabilities are prevented. In our Hospital for Septic Bone and Soft Tissue Surgery with its Centre for Joint Prosthesis Infection, our team of experts carries out more than 1,000 septic-centric operations per year. This not only includes inpatient treatment but also close outpatient follow-up treatment during consultation hours.

Significant expertise for your quality of life

A unique quality measurement that you can rely on

The Hospital for Septic Bone and Soft Tissue Surgery in Hamburg was opened in 2007. It co-operates with many hospitals and practices in all of North Germany. The initial goal of our treatment is calming the infection. Bone and soft tissue reconstruction follows as well as your comprehensive continuing care.

The quality of our treatments is regularly measured every year using defined quality criteria. Measuring the treatment quality in the area of septic surgery is unique in Germany and guarantees that your treatment is at the highest level.

Our range of treatment options:

  • Acute and chronic bone and joint infections and infected joint prostheses

  • Infection pseudarthroses, infection fractures

  • Reconstruction of bones and soft tissue defects as well as of decubital ulcerations

  • Diabetic foot syndrome, Charcot arthropathy

  • Chronic soft tissue defects as part of arterial or venous vascular conditions

  • 24 hours stand-by service for septic emergencies

  • Interdisciplinary treatment using wound therapy, diabetology, physiotherapy and treatment provided by orthotists

Unique in all of Germany: septic-surgical stand-by service

Infections can lead to life-threatening conditions (sepsis). In order to counteract this situation, we have set up our own septic-surgical stand-by service consisting of experienced specialists. This makes Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek the only hospital in Germany with such an emergency service.

Diabetic foot, professionally treated

Our department particularly focuses on treating patients with infections in cases of diabetic foot syndrome. Every fourth diabetic can expect to suffer from diabetic foot syndrome at some stage during the illness.

It is a complex secondary disease of diabetes mellitus with significant consequences for the affected patient. Multiple causes promote its development and its usually complicated as well as long-lasting progression.

The treatment is always based on a careful enquiry concerning the patient’s medical history as well as an examination and consultation about conservative and surgical options. Close interdisciplinary co-operation is a vital part of this. Our team of consultants consists of septic surgeons, diabetologists, radiologists and vascular specialists. They work with wound therapists, physiotherapists and orthotists on your well-being, preventatively as well as therapeutically. Preserving your extremities is the treatment’s top priority.

If conservative treatment is not successful, we will prevent the infection from spreading using surgery. The goal of surgery is a stable foot that can bear loads. Our experts’ surgical methods range from gentle, minimally invasive procedures using local anaesthesia to complex reconstruction over several sessions. As part of a necessary inpatient stay, we attach great importance to diabetic support with regular checks of the findings.