Treatment options

  • ADHD in adults

    ADHD in adults – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also persist in adulthood and put an enormous strain on one’s whole life. At Schoen Clinic, experienced specialists are at your disposal. With proven therapies, we make your everyday life easier.
  • Adjustment disorder

    Sometimes, one event can throw someone off completely. Symptoms often begin in the first month after the stressful event. People suffer, are emotionally impaired and can no longer carry out tasks at work or at home. This may be due to an adjustment disorder. At Schoen Clinic, our experienced therapists help you bring your life back into balance. 
  • Anxiety disorder

    “I am scared” – everyone has certainly felt this way. If fear gains the upper hand in life, however, this is a serious anxiety disorder. At Schoen Clinic, we are specialised in anxiety disorders and help affected persons overcome their fears.
  • Borderline personality disorder

    Borderline personality disorder wreaks havoc with the emotions of the person who is affected by it. The frequently occurring self-destructive and high-risk behaviour also makes this personality disorder dangerous as well. At Schoen Clinic, we offer professional diagnostics and therapy. For more emotional stability.
  • Burnout

    Burnout – nothing works anymore. Those affected feel burned out and empty. They can no longer cope with the demands of everyday life. At Schoen Clinic, we have years of experience in treating burnout syndrome. You can always rely on our therapeutic and medical help.
  • Depression

    Do I have depression, or am I just having a bad day? If you’ve been feeling low for a long time, you should always seek help. Following an accurate diagnosis, our specialists at Schoen Clinic will provide you with professional help so you’ll be in good spirits again.  
  • Generalised anxiety disorder

    When fear makes someone sick, it is important to seek professional help. At Schoen Clinic, we're specialised in anxiety disorders. Experienced therapists treat you for a generalised anxiety disorder and help you get your catastrophic thoughts under control.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders

    When everyday actions become a compulsion, the lives of those affected are no longer as they used to be. If you suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder, our therapists will help you overcome your compulsions.
  • Panic disorder

    A panic attack is only alleged to come “from nowhere”. We will figure out exactly whether the cause is an anxiety disorder, also referred to as panic disorder at Schoen Clinic. That way, we can offer you targeted, professional help. So you can live free of fear again. 
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

    When people cannot process a traumatic event, this may result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). At Schoen Clinic, our experienced therapists help you return to a symptom-free life.