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Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Professional help with life crises - Schoen Clinic Eilbek

Professional help with life crises and acute emergencies

Are you in an acute emergency situation or a life crisis? Or are you struggling with constantly recurring illnesses? If you need long-term treatment, you are in the right place in our Psychiatry Department in Hamburg. We will support you and your relatives when dealing with psychological illnesses, psychosocial problems and stressful situations, and we will help you to regain more independence and quality of life. Our treatment depends on your personal resources. This includes your social living conditions. You will receive a treatment offer that is tailor-made for you, consisting of individual and group therapy sessions. Of course, as a patient’s relative, you will also get support from us, among other things, in regular relatives’ groups. In addition, we offer outpatient and part-time inpatient treatment.

Long-term help for you: Inpatient treatment

Listening, organising, sorting - We will support you

Many people suffer from psychological problems in their lives. If your own strength is exhausted in a crisis and your own attempts at a solution fail, you need professional help. Listening, organising, sorting, being sympathetic, putting the crisis into words and giving hope - that is what we do right from the beginning to reduce the tension and the pressure that burdens you and often your relatives.

The multi-professional treatment concept in our Psychiatry Department integrates psychotherapy, sociotherapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy as well as psychiatric and rational psycho-pharmacological treatment methods.

Our department consists of the following units:

  • The Psychiatric Institutional Outpatients' Department
  • A general psychiatric and psycho-therapeutic day clinic
  • Day clinics for older patients
  • The “Schoen Comfort” Private Ward
  • A certified ward for borderline personality disorders with addictions (DBT-S), dual diagnosis and qualified withdrawal treatment
  • Ward for crisis intervention and affective disorders
  • General psychiatric ward with focus on psychosis

Our treatment focuses:

  • Acute crises

  • Adaptation disorder and reactions to stress

  • Chronic states of fatigue

  • Personality disorders, in particular, borderline personality disorders with addiction

  • Affective disorders, e.g. depression, obsessions, bipolar disorders

  • Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders

  • Acute and chronic psychosis, e.g. schizophrenia, delusional disorders, schizo-affective disorders

  • Disorders associated with age, e.g. life crises at an old age, incipient dementia

  • Alcohol and drug dependence, qualified withdrawal

  • Dementia-type illnesses

Specialist ward for depression

Increasing numbers of people go through a serious crisis, often with severe depression at the end. We have been specialising in the treatment of depression for many years. That is why we know that immediate help is required in a serious crisis. Sometimes, we can admit you to our specialised ward, which is run in an open way, as soon as the following day. During the course of your treatment, a team of multi-professional specialists is available, consisting of consultants, psychologists, patient-centred care staff, social workers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists as well as carers. Your progress, treatment goals and plans are discussed with you during regular team meetings. The top priority of this treatment is to noticeably alleviate your problems. This works if you understand your condition and its triggers better. At the same time, our specialists develop flexible coping strategies with you. In the treatment phase after your inpatient stay, we offer support with continuing outpatient psychiatric and psycho-therapeutic treatment or arrange part-time inpatient treatment as well as rehab, visiting services or alternative types of housing.

Specialised treatment in cases of dual diagnosis

For those with a substance dependency (mainly alcohol and pharmaceuticals) who may also suffer from another psychological illness, we set up a specialist ward which is run in an open way. You will be treated medically, psycho-therapeutically and socio-therapeutically by a specially trained team.

If you suffer from an emotionally unstable personality disorder and an addiction at the same time, we will treat you in accordance with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) created by Marsha Linehan. This concept has been expanded for the treatment of addicts using modern psycho-therapeutic methods (e.g. motivational interviewing, self-management according to Kanfer) - DBT-S.

This specialist ward has been certified as a recognised DBT-S Ward by the DBT umbrella organisation.

Treatment Focus:

  • Qualified withdrawal in cases of substance dependency, mainly alcohol, cannabinoids and pharmaceuticals
  • Additional treatment if another psychological condition exists, e.g. depression
  • Treatment of emotionally unstable personality disorders with co-morbid addiction according to the DBT-S concept
Inpatient withdrawal treatment - Schoen Clinic Eilbek

Qualified withdrawal in cases of substance dependency

On our special ward, we offer inpatient withdrawal treatment, especially for alcohol, drug or cannabis dependency.

Special ward for borderline personality disorder and addiction - Schoen Clinic Eilbek

Borderline personality disorder and addiction: Treatment according to the DBT-S concept

We treat patients with borderline personality disorder and simultaneous substance dependency on our special ward.

Well protected on the closed ward

The protected, closed ward specialises in treating highly acute and seriously ill psychiatric patients. Patients who need protection and whose behaviour temporarily endangers themselves and others, are also treated here. Those patients need intensive psychosocial supervision and monitoring. Despite the structure and boundaries that need to be provided in daily contact, the treating team attaches great importance to an atmosphere of understanding, of developing prospects and of safety. One of the main goals in our multi-modular treatment concept is to meet your individual needs. This concept includes medical and socio-therapeutic treatments as well as modern, tailor-made pharmacotherapy. Another important point is the use of psycho education: You will become an expert on your disorder and learn how to assess progress as well as different treatment options. The goal of all treatment is for you to return to an independent life.

Treatment Focus

  • Disorders with behaviour endangering the patient and others

  • Schizophrenic psychosis

  • Delusional disorders

  • Personality disorders

  • Bipolar disorders

  • Depression

  • Acute life crises

Your treatment close to home: Outpatient treatment

The Psychiatric Institutional Outpatients' Department

The Psychiatric Institutional Outpatients' Department (PIA) in our psychiatric hospital in Hamburg has been set up for patients who, based on the particular kind, severity or duration of their illness, require multi-professional treatment close to a hospital. The Institutional Outpatients' Department helps to avoid inpatient treatment or to shorten its duration. In addition to outpatient psychiatric and psycho-therapeutic treatment, an evaluation of inpatient treatment requirements and, if necessary, organisation of suitably continuing inpatient treatment takes place for acute psychological illnesses. Furthermore, we work in close co-operation with resident colleague and psychosocial facilities outside the hospital.

Treatment Focus:

  • Severe chronic and constantly recurring psychological problems (e.g. psychosis, depression, personality disorders)

  • Acute life crises

  • Necessary psychosocial support beyond psychiatric treatment

  • Severe psychological states of stress that require time-intensive, comprehensive psychiatric treatment

Tailor-made therapy: Part-time inpatient treatment

Day clinics in Hamburg

Our day clinics in Hamburg cover an extensive range of psychological treatments. With their part-time inpatient treatments, they bridge the gap between outpatient treatment and full-time hospital admission.

Our part-time inpatient treatments are available to all patients - no matter whether you have private or statutory health insurance.


Social-psychiatric co-operation

We closely work with all facilities in Hamburg’s complementary area, such as with Gemeindepsychiatrischen Dienste Hamburg-Nordost GmbH (GDP Nordost), offering community mental health services.

Self-help groups

We also work in close co-operation with self-help groups. Some meetings take place on our premises.