Treatment options

  • Carotid artery stenosis

    Minimising the risk of a stroke? It’s possible with early prevention, diagnosis and treatment. At Schoen Clinic, we are specialised in treating carotid artery stenosis. Simply visit us during our vascular consultation hour.
  • Heart valve changes

    If a simple walk can get you out of breath, it may be due to damage to your heart valves. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic have gentle procedures to treat your heart valve changes. We will help you so that you can move around again without any worries.  
  • High blood pressure

    High blood pressure is a very common, serious condition. Untreated, arterial hypertonia can lead to strokes or heart attacks, but also to retinal damage in the eyes as well as kidney damage and perfusion problems in the major vessels. With targeted treatment, our experienced specialists at the Schoen Clinic can bring your blood pressure back into the normal range.
  • Leg artery occlusion (PAD)

    The everyday life of affected persons is considerably limited when they have to constantly take breaks while walking due to the pain. At Schoen Clinic, we specialise in diseases of the heart, blood and vascular system. Our consultants have effective therapies to treat a leg artery occlusion (PAD) and to remedy your discomfort.