Treatment options

  • Cruciate ligament tear

    Sports accidents are the most common cause of cruciate ligament tears. These must always be treated by an experienced doctor. Our knee specialists at Schoen Clinic care for you using the best-possible treatment for your injury.
  • Femoral neck fracture

    At around 25 per cent, femoral neck fractures represent one of the most common types of bone fracture. The most important treatment is surgery. Thanks to years of experience, we at Schoen Clinic can offer you the best possible treatment for your individual situation.
  • General fractures

    The spine functions as a support and also allows for a high degree of movement. When a spinal fracture occurs due to a fall or accident, our specialists at Schoen Clinic can provide personalised, professional treatment.
  • Herniated disc

    Say farewell to back pain! Herniated discs are caused by excessive strain and wear and tear. Our specialists will develop a personalised treatment and after-care concept for you for a permanently strong and pain-free back.
  • Meniscus damage

    If your knee hurts after a sudden rotational movement or fall, meniscus damage or sometimes even a meniscus tear may have developed. Our knee specialists at Schoen Clinic can restore the mobility and function of your knee joint. 
  • Metatarsal fracture

    We have five metatarsal bones. If too much strain or incorrect pressure is applied to these, this can lead to a metatarsal fracture. At Schoen Clinic, we’re specialised in foot injuries. Following an accurate diagnosis, you’ll receive the best-possible treatment from us that will quickly get you back on your feet again. 
  • Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis is a common disorder in old age. Through targeted measures, our spinal column specialists support you in preventing osteoporosis. For existing osteoporosis, we help you avoid fractures.
  • Rotator cuff tear

    Does shoulder pain greatly impact your everyday life? The reason for this may be a rotator cuff tear – effectively a tendon tear – in the shoulder. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic treat your individual symptoms, so you’re able to quickly get back to your everyday life, pain-free.
  • Torn ankle ligament

    Twisted your ankle? This could result in a ligament sprain but it could also be a ligament rupture. Our specialists provide a precise diagnosis and offer suitable therapy for your individual injury.