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Geriatric traumatology

Age-appropriate care at our geriatric traumatology centre

Specialisation for older patients

Older people have different needs than younger people; the same applies to medicine. Older patients often have several illnesses and therefore require more comprehensive and interdisciplinary medical care. Our geriatric traumatology department is specialised in exactly that: Our spectrum ranges from emergency treatment in our central emergency rooms to operative care and geriatric/internal medical treatment of secondary and primary illnesses through to rehabilitation.

Your particular needs: We’ll take good care of you

Age-appropriate care for you at our geriatric traumatology centre

Caring for older patients requires experienced consultants and a treatment concept appropriate to the situation of older persons. They are a medically demanding patient group:

  • They often have several secondary illnesses which, under certain circumstances, resulted in an injury due to “frailty” in the first place and which we will always adequately treat.
  • The osteoporotic bones can often not be adequately stabilised with conventional implant materials and require special surgical procedures.
  • Due to the reduced metabolism in old age and malnutrition and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, the risk for wound healing disorders is high. Our minimally invasive surgical techniques and consistent wound management are therefore particularly important.
  • The often limited mobility of older persons prior to the accident and the generally existing inability to relieve a leg or walk with forearm crutches places high demands on the stability of the care and rehabilitation measures.

At our interdisciplinary geriatric traumatology centre, experts from a variety of specialities work together every step of your treatment. Our goal: To treat you optimally and in a holistic manner during the respective phase of your illness so you can return to your largely independent everyday life. We will of course care for all injuries through to persons suffering multiple injuries and polytrauma.

Our treatment focuses:

  • Humeral head fractures
  • Forearm fractures
  • Femoral fractures near the hip joint
  • Vertebral body fractures

Care from a single source

An interdisciplinary treatment team, consisting of trauma surgeons, geriatricians, nurses, physiotherapists and social workers will take care of you. After you have been treated in the trauma surgery department, we will start your early rehabilitation. The main benefit of this cooperation for you is: You will be continuously treated by a team of different specialist consultants and therapists in a single hospital ward. The moves within the hospital and the related change of attending consultants and therapists common at other facilities do not take place here. Our in-house geriatric complex therapy rounds out your treatment. We support you in regaining your independence as quickly and to the greatest extent possible.

Our elderly medicine complex treatment comprises nor only therapies stipulated by the statutory insurance funds from the fields of physiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological services and social services. In addition, we have various other therapy offers for you, such as animal-assisted therapy, music therapy, nutritional counselling / cooking groups and discussion groups. As a patient, you also have the opportunity to use a running track, a slimming path or a fitness room. This very comprehensive treatment offering makes our Elderly Medicine Centre in Hamburg first-class and one-of-a-kind.