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General orthopaedics

Specialised Orthopaedics in Hamburg

Specialised Orthopaedics

At our orthopaedics department, we perform the entire spectrum of scheduled and unscheduled operations on the musculoskeletal system from shoulder, hand and elbow to hip, knee and foot joints. We place particular value on gentle surgical procedures such as arthroscopic procedures and surgical procedures that are gentle on soft tissue.

Expertise in orthopaedic special disciplines

Artificial joint replacement

Our joint experts at our centre for endoprosthetics at Schoen Clinic in Hamburg Eilbek are specialised in the implantation of artificial joints (endoprosthetics). They use modern techniques such as computer-supported and minimally invasive procedures.

Joint replacement surgery in Hamburg
Sports orthopaedics

Sports orthopaedics and sports medicine

Sports medicine and sports orthopaedics at our clinic has gained an international reputation for treating top athletes and treats the athletes of the Hamburg sports clubs. Our consultants treat all kinds of injuries and stress damage to the muscular, capsule ligament and skeletal systems. We are also specialised in treating axial deformities (misalignments) of the legs.

Certified tumour orthopaedics

Tumours in the musculoskeletal and locomotor system are rare and difficult illnesses that are treated by experienced, specialised centres. Our certified tumour orthopaedics department works closely with our diagnostic and surgical departments as well as with pathologists, oncologists and radiation therapists to create the best possible therapy for you.

Cartilage bones and cartilage cell transplant

Depending on the location, degree of severity and expansion, we apply a graduated therapy concept at our facility if a cartilage defect is determined. Here, the focus is primarily on the cartilage-stimulating, cartilage-transplanting and cartilage-producing procedures, all of which we are able to perform arthroscopically.