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Centre for Endoprosthetics

Joint replacement surgery in Hamburg

Your joint replacement experts in the Hanseatic city

Our orthopaedic surgeons at our centre for endoprosthetics are specialised in joint replacements and joint preservation procedures. When implanting artificial joints (endoprosthetics), we apply the most modern techniques, such as computer-controlled navigation and minimally invasive procedures. Our prosthetics consist of the most modern materials such as titanium and ceramics.

Top-notch, high-tech artificial joint care

Specialisation for permanent treatment success

Specialisation is a prerequisite for permanent treatment success. Our experts at the centre for endoprosthetics at Schoen Clinic in Hamburg Eilbek have decades of clinical experience which they regularly present at national and international conventions. The selection of the optimum type of implant depends largely on the individual needs and prerequisites of the individual patient. Our consultants are therefore involved in the development and further development of implants (such as short-shaft endoprosthetics, knee endoprosthetics) and innovative surgical procedures (for instance, computer navigation) in close cooperation with research institutes and industry.

Artificial joint replacement for...

  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Elbow
Certified centre for joint replacement surgery
Certified centre for joint replacement surgery in Hamburg

Centre of excellence in joint replacement surgery

We have been certified as a “Maximum treatment endoprosthetics centre” by the expert association, EndoCert, for years. This certification confirms the highest level of quality in care for patients with joint replacement. You can rest assured you will always receive the best possible treatment and care before, during and after the surgery.

Computer-navigated joint replacement surgery 

We use modern navigation procedures to make the implantation of artificial joints even more reliable. We also perform minimally invasive surgeries to preserve the surrounding tissue. Our hospital has been a reference centre for navigated endoprosthetics since 1999. The good results we have been able to achieve for years with the navigation have been presented to expert audiences as national and international conventions. We have been involved in the continuous further development of the navigation technology for years in cooperative projects with industry and research institutes.

Get back to your everyday life as quickly as possible with our Rapid Recovery Programme

Our Rapid Recovery Programme (Endo Active) is specifically designed to mobilise joint replacement patients just within a few hours following surgery. Our goal is to help you return to your everyday routine as soon as possible.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • detailed preoperative information and advice,
  • most modern anaesthetics and minimally invasive surgical techniques,
  • a tailored pain management programme,
  • mobilisation on the day of the operation.

Our Collaborations

Cooperation partners

We work together with partners in Hamburg to guarantee you the best possible care close to where you live.