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Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

Anaesthesia and Pain Specialists

Maximum safety, lasting freedom from pain and anxiety as well as minimum side effects or complications during your entire surgical treatment: These are the main responsibilities of anaesthesia and surgical intensive care. In order to reach these goals, a highly qualified team of consultants and carers as well as state-of-the-art medical equipment with anaesthesia and monitoring systems are available. What else makes us stand out? Individual pain therapy for you. We also offer a special range of treatments for those affected by thalidomide.

Safety and no pain during your surgery

Gentle types of anaesthesia and individual pain therapy

Our experienced team of anaesthetists will be right by your side before, during and after your surgery. In order to correctly assess your state of health, the anaesthetist will have a personal talk with you clarifying any issues concerning anaesthesia before the surgery, during our anaesthesia consultation hours or in your room. If additional examinations are required, these can be arranged to increase your safety. With your input, the anaesthetist chooses the most suitable anaesthesia method, based on your state of health and preferences. This may be a general or local anaesthetic, or even a combination of both procedures, if required. General anaesthetic has a lot of advantages for many kinds of surgery. For spinal anaesthesia, you will receive a local anaesthetic only. There is little strain on the body from medication. During spinal anaesthesia, thanks to mild sedation similar to anaesthesia, you can sleep or listen to music. If spinal anaesthesia is possible for a procedure, we will carry out 70% of all surgery in this way. Epidural anaesthesia can also be useful in addition to general anaesthetic. It allows pain-free mobilisation, lowers the rate of complications and shortens your hospital stay. After surgery, pain therapy is continued straight away in the recovery room under constant supervision from professional anaesthesia care staff.

Special range of treatments for those affected by thalidomide

People who are affected by thalidomide have complex symptoms that can have an impact on the entire locomotor system and all organs. Our hospital in Hamburg offers special consultation hours for those affected. Short-term treatment as an inpatient is also an option. All health problems, particularly with regard to pain and the locomotor system, are examined and evaluated.