SLAP lesion – Our treatment

A SLAP lesion is a fairly common injury that should not go untreated so as to prevent long-term effects. In simple terms, this is a tear or rupture at the upper edge of the shoulder joint socket. During a special shoulder consultation and using MRI diagnostics, our experts in Hamburg can check whether you have a SLAP lesion and which treatment is appropriate for you. In the case of minor complaints, based on our experience, immobilisation of the shoulder or special exercises can alleviate your SLAP lesion. For permanent shoulder problems, surgery can be a useful method to heal your SLAP lesion and give you painless mobility of your shoulder again. Our shoulder surgeons in Hamburg have extensive clinical and scientific experience in various surgical techniques, which you can rely on for your treatment.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about SLAP lesion

A SLAP lesion is a rupture or tear of the glenoid labrum in the glenoid cavity. Read more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis.