Calcific tendinitis – Our treatment

Calcific tendinitis can significantly affect your quality of life through permanent pain. First of all, conservative treatments such as medication, shock wave therapy, a change of diet, and specific exercises or sports activities such as swimming can help you. However, if these are no longer sufficient to reduce your pain to a bearable level, surgery is a sensible treatment for your calcific tendinitis. Our shoulder specialists in Hamburg will advise you intensively during a special consultation about the best treatment for you. Our experts perform the surgery to treat your calcific tendinitis as arthroscopically as possible, i.e. using a gentle keyhole technique. Here only small skin incisions are necessary, which enable a quicker recovery for you and a better cosmetic result.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Calcific tendinitis

Calcification of the shoulder can lead to sudden, severe pain. Read more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of calcific tendinitis.