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Your specialists for shoulder pain and shoulder injuries in Hamburg

The shoulder joint is hugely important for everyday activities; pain in the shoulder and in the shoulder joint can therefore limit function and quality of life over the long term. The shoulder experts at our Shoulder Centre in Hamburg have extensive experience in treating shoulder pain. 

Our particular expertise lies in the surgical treatment of shoulder complaints. Whether acute shoulder injuries or joint degeneration, our shoulder specialists will advise you in a special consultation and recommend individual treatment for your shoulder pain. If shouldersurgery is necessary, our shoulder experts operate as arthroscopically as possible, i.e. using what is known as the keyhole technique. If it necessary to implant an artificial shoulder joint, minimally invasive surgical procedures and state-of-the-art implants are used. You will receive the highest level of medical care at our Shoulder Centre.

Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre

Schoen Clinic in Hamburg Eilbek has been certified at the highest level as a “Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre” by the independent expert association EndoCert. This certification seal confirms the highest level of quality in care for patients with joint replacement. You can rely on the medical quality of our Shoulder Centre.

Treating shoulder injuries with cartilage therapy

The shoulder experts at our Shoulder Centre in Hamburg specialise in cartilage-stimulating, cartilage-transplanting and cartilage-producing procedures to treat your shoulder pain or shoulder injury. These procedures are ideally performed arthroscopically to preserve as much natural tissue as possible.

Specialised orthopaedic oncology for your shoulder

They are rare diseases, but often difficult to treat: Tumours of the musculoskeletal system, including the shoulder. Treating them requires specialised and experienced experts. At our Shoulder Centre, our certified orthopaedic oncologist works closely with other departments to achieve the best possible treatment outcome for you.

Award-winning shoulder experts

The shoulder joint is highly complex, so the expertise of the institution treating you should be correspondingly high. The orthopaedics department at our hospital in Hamburg has once again been named the "Top National Hospital" by the german magazine "Focus Health". Your shoulder complaints are in good hands with us.

Sports medicine treatment for shoulder injuries

One of our focal points is the orthopaedic treatment of injuries to the shoulder and the shoulder joint. Our shoulder experts enjoy an excellent reputation in sports medicine both nationally and internationally. Their patients include top athletes from sports clubs in Hamburg, who turn to our specialist Shoulder Centre with shoulder pain and shoulder injuries.

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Your shoulder specialists in Hamburg

Our experienced shoulder experts are at your disposal with all their experience and medical competence in the event of shoulder pain and shoulder injuries. While working together and with you, they investigate and decide on the need for shoulder surgery.