Spina bifida – Our treatment

The treatment of spina bifida, also known as an “open spine”, belongs in the hands of specialists, regardless of the severity and degree of the disability, in order to minimise negative consequences for your child as far as possible. The experts at our Specialist Centre for Paediatric Orthopaedics in Hamburg work in an interdisciplinary manner together with our spine surgeons to enable your child with spina bifida to undergo individually optimal treatment. Conservative measures, such as special physiotherapeutic exercises, usually begin immediately after the surgery to close the defect following the birth. Further operations may be necessary as your child grows up, depending on the degree of paralysis. Our experienced experts support you and your child with spina bifida on a long-term basis with their treatments and also put you in contact with self-help groups and other support services.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Spina bifida

A spina bifida (open back) is a complex clinical picture. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of this disease.