Perthes’ disease – Our treatment

Perthes’ disease: is a common hip condition in children, the treatment of which can be performed with or without surgery, depending on severity. Our specialised paediatric orthopaedic surgeons in Hamburg have extensive experience in treating Perthes’ disease. Based on a detailed diagnosis, partly also by means of a MRI examination, they recommend an individual treatment for your child. This can include various measures, such as physiotherapy or relieving strain on the hip, to improve the mobility of the hip joint. If conservative therapies do not lead to an improvement or only do so insufficiently, surgery is a sensible treatment option. This can prevent later negative consequences of Perthes’ disease, such as early osteoarthritis in your child’s hip joint. At our specialist centre for paediatric orthopaedics in Hamburg, your child will receive professional and empathic care from our experts. You and your child can rely on our experts’ many years of experience.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Perthes' disease

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