Thyroid enlargement – our treatment

Thyroid enlargement, also called goitre, occurs quite frequently in Germany. Like underactivity, it usually causes hardly any discomfort, but it can become noticeable due to dysphagia as the thyroid enlargement increases. Treating thyroid enlargement almost exclusively takes place by means of surgery, for which you should put yourself in the hands of specialists. The Endocrine Centre at Schoen Clinic Hamburg Eilbek is the second largest endocrine institution in Germany with around 1,800 thyroid surgeries each year. This specialisation is the basis for the high degree of expertise of our surgeons. They have decades of clinical experience and scientific expertise in the treatment of thyroid enlargement, which benefit you as a patient, for example, thanks to the extremely low complication rates for operations.

General information about Thyroid enlargement

Thyroid diseases are one of the most common diseases of the hormonal glands. Here more to the causes & symptoms of a thyroid gland enlargement.