Pancreatic cancer – our treatment

If pancreatic cancer is diagnosed, you or your relative needs rapid help and professional treatment in order to achieve the best possible prognosis. Pancreatic cancer is only curable by means of the complete removal of the tumour in an operation. Chemotherapy may be useful before or after surgery or is recommended as an adjunctive treatment if pancreatic cancer surgery is out of the question. However, it cannot usually keep pancreatic cancer under control over the long term. Our experts at Schoen Clinic Hamburg specialise in treating pancreatic cancer: Experts from different disciplines provide you or your relatives with individual, holistic and interdisciplinary care, from diagnosis and surgery to possible palliative therapy. Your treatment is based on a detailed consultation in our interdisciplinary oncological meeting, corresponding to the latest guideline-oriented treatment of pancreatic cancer. Our goal is to achieve optimal treatment with the best possible prognosis for you.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer: Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnostics of pancreatic cancer with our interdisciplinary tumor board.