Somatoform disorder – Our therapy

Our experts know: the triggers for a somatoform disorder can differ widely. That’s why our therapy for your somatoform disorder is individualised just for you. We take time to work with you on determining the potential causes if you have been diagnosed with undifferentiated somatoform disorder. Then we use different components of therapy to create the ideal treatment for your somatoform disorder. In therapy for somatoform disorder, we've gained good experience with elements of psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. We supplement these with movement, art and even music therapy. Our mutual goal: We want to alter your pain memory so that the symptoms subside and you can enjoy your life again. If necessary and effective, we also use medication for your somatoform disorder to reduce your symptoms.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Somatoform disorder

Somatoform disorders can often occur during childhood and adolescence. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the disorder.