Social anxiety – Our treatment

Treatment for your social anxiety is based on trust. You can be sure that: Our therapists are just as understanding as they are experienced. First we’ll get to the underlying causes of your social anxiety. Then based on those, we’ll create an individual plan for treating your social anxiety. Your therapy will include special group sessions in addition to one-on-one psychotherapy sessions. Exposure is a crucial part of treating your social anxiety. This involves exposing you to situations that you know cause you particular anxiety. These exercises help you overcome your social anxiety: they will teach you that nothing bad is going to happen. With our full treatment concept, we actively help you to help yourself with your social anxiety, because the strategies you’ll learn can be used at home any time. The result: You have an excellent chance of overcoming your social anxiety.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Social anxiety

Social phobia is an anxiety disorder and describes a "pathological shyness". Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnostics.